The Week in Numbers: the case of the missing Tesla

STORY: From a record quarter for the Sage of Omaha, to a disappointment at Tesla, this is the Week in Numbers. First up…

$30.8 billion was the record annual profit at Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway investment giant.

Income soared even as rising interest rates and foreign exchange losses took a toll in the fourth quarter.

Buffett just calls it a “good year.”

Almost 6% was the tumble for Tesla shares on Thursday.

An investors’ day had seen the firm promise to cut vehicle assembly costs by a half.

“We’re basically heading rapidly toward an electric, autonomous future.”

But there was disappointment that boss Elon Musk failed to unveil a long-awaited cheaper model.

Another 10% or so of Twitter’s workforce is hunting for new jobs.

The New York Times says that’s the scale of the latest layoffs at the social network.

Twitter has now shed well over half its staff since being taken over by Musk.

$1.6 billion was the annual profit at Lufthansa.

That compares with a loss of about the same amount a year before.

With air travel demand surging back, chief executive Carsten Spohr says “Lufthansa is back”.

And $145 billion was the trading volume at crypto exchange Coinbase over the past quarter.

If that sounds like a lot, it’s actually just a fraction of the $547 billion seen a year earlier.

Coinbase has been hit by the wider crypto downturn, sending it into the red over the period.