The Week in Numbers: banks on the brink

STORY: From another big-name crypto casualty, to why Adidas can’t get over its split with Kanye, this is the Week in Numbers. First up...

95% is the tumble in shares for Silvergate Capital over the past year.

The wipeout was nearly completed this week after the crypto bank said it would wind down operations.

It’s the latest casualty of a downturn that has claimed some of the biggest names in virtual money.

Around 60% was the plunge for shares in Silicon Valley Bank just on Thursday.

A big player in lending to tech startups, it’s been hit by a slowdown in new funding activity.

The stock slide came amid fears of a run on the bank, and raised jitters about the whole sector, sending stocks in lenders tumbling around the world.

$632 million is how much splitting up with Kanye West cost Adidas.

That was the value of lost sales after the sportswear giant ended its association with the rapper over antisemitic remarks that he made.

The move cost it revenue from his big-selling line of Yeezy-brand sneakers.

Around $8 billion is how much Reuters sources say UK chip designer Arm plans to raise in a U.S. share sale.

The choice of New York for the listing is being seen as a big snub for the City of London, where Arm shares used to trade.

And up to $1.5 billion is how much General Motors says it will cost to offer buyouts to most of its salaried staff.

The move comes as layoffs at U.S. firms hit their highest since 2009, with tech firms accounting for around a third of the 180,000 job cuts announced over the past two months.

This week also saw reports that Facebook-parent Meta plans to shed thousands more workers.