Week 17 Player Props

Minty Bets and Matt Harmon offer up their favorite player props for Week 17.

Video transcript

MATT HARMON: Yeah, we've got a great set of player props here for you. Although Minty, I have to say, I love doing this segment with you, love doing the SportsBook-Live show with you on Sundays as well. I hate this first player prop. I don't like this at all. This makes me feel bad, especially because he's in the flex on one of my championship teams. But tell me. Give us your first player prop. Go on, let's just hear it.

MINTY BETS: Yikes. Sorry I offended you, Matt. My first player prop is going to be AJ Brown, under 71 and 1/2 receiving yards. AJ Brown will be Tannehill's main target here. But he's only reached or exceeded this number in one of his last four games. But in Miami's last three games, their defenses only allowed an average of 122 passing yards through the air, which is the best in the league. So I'm going to have to go under here.

MATT HARMON: Ay-yi-yi. Yeah, we will see what Brian Flores really thinks of Ryan Tannehill, because during this stretch of like bad quarterbacks they've faced, they've just been blitzing the hell out of these guys. We'll see if he considers Ryan Tannehill one of those bad quarterbacks. I think he could go either way. He's not as bad as Ian Book, but give me a break here.

I think we can get-- oh, come on. Minty, I'm going to need some more optimism here. Another guy I've got in my own championship lineup-- Ronald Jones. And I'm going to go over 72 and 1/2 rushing yards here. Now, does this make me nervous, because anything that can happen to Ronald Jones will happen to Ronald Jones? Yes, of course it makes me nervous. Because it's Ronald Jones. Didn't exceed this total in his start last week. Ke'Shawn Vaughn rips off a 50-plus yard touchdown run. That was very tilting if you played Ronald Jones.

But I think he can get over this here. 20 carries last week. He is the RB1 in this backfield by a good amount. And of course, the Jets have been run on the most of any team this year. They've allowed the most rushing touchdowns this year. I mean, if Ronald Jones can't do it against the Jets, what are we even doing here, Minty?

MINTY BETS: Yeah. At first when I saw this total, I was like, this is set pretty high. Because he hasn't really reached 70 rushing yards at all this season. But the Jets are probably going to get embarrassed by Tampa today. And with Tampa's main receivers out or limited, I can see Ronald Jones have a great day today. So I like that over with you, Matt.

MATT HARMON: 25 carries for Ronald Jones. What could possibly go wrong? All right, Minty, you were on brand bringing the under in the first one, and you're on brand here with yet another kicking crop. Deliver it.

MINTY BETS: I had to end with a kicking prop here. Brian Johnson, over five and a half kicking points. So this total is set really, really low, probably because Johnson hasn't really been utilized much as Washington's kicker. He's only been with the football team since week 13, and he hasn't even reached six kicking points since being on the team. But today's going to be the day Washington is going to have to settle for as many points as they can get. And Brian is going to have a day. All he needs is 6 kicking points. What, two field goals. So I think he gets there.

MATT HARMON: If Brian Johnson-- who I know was a quarterback in the league at one point-- if Brian Johnson isn't the most creative name for a kicker in Madden ever, I don't know what is. That one that is perfect. All right. I'm going to finish it off here. I talked about it a little bit earlier with Tank when I was destroying him in the face-off segment. Joe Burrow. I'm going to go over on 0.5 interceptions here at -145.

Listen. Joe Burrow's coming off an incredible game. I know these interception props are always a little finicky here. But he does lead the NFL in interceptions. Really due to no fault of his own. Just some bad luck there. It's not as if he's up there, a beefy total either.

But listen. As much as he was awesome against that broken Ravens secondary last week-- the Bengals should play that way every single week. They should be pass-heavy, they should be coming out early and firing. A little nervous they go back to their conservative ways, and especially nervous the match-up is all the way on the other end in terms of the difficulty scale here.

Since week 10, the Chiefs are third in EPA allowed per play. They're third in EPA allowed on passes right now. They have been great in terms of rushing the passer, in terms of defending the pass overall. I wouldn't be surprised if this is much more of a struggling outing for Joe Burrow here against the Chiefs this week. It's all the way on the other end of the difficulty scale here, Minty. Although I hate to talk poorly about your Bengals.

MINTY BETS: Yeah. He hasn't thrown an interception in 3 straight games, and as much as I don't want to agree with you, I think he will turn the ball over at least once against the Chiefs, who have recorded some of the most interceptions. So I kind of like that over.

MATT HARMON: Chris Jones and the boys going after that offensive line? That could be a problem. What is not going to be a problem is when you-- you people out there-- come back right here at Yahoo Sports and check out Minty and I on the final edition of Yahoo Sportsbook Live.

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