Week 17 Fantasy Freebies - Taysom Hill

Tank Williams explains why the New Orleans QB could be a surprise for fantasy managers in Week 17.

Video transcript

TANK WILLIAMS: Yeah. I mean, we see you had guys like Kirk Cousins and these other ones can't play. So you're really going to ride Sean Mannion for a ship? I don't think so.

So I'm going with Taysom Hill. Like, I still can't believe that he's still under that ownership threshold where I can actually play him. But this dude is an amazing pick.

Obviously, the matchup isn't the one that you will want versus Carolina. I mean, but it's doable. But what I really like about Taysom Hill is the high floor that you get with his legs.

Like, we know that Sean Payton isn't scared to run them. We know that he's a competent passer. He's played against tough defenses before, like, you know, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, threw four picks and still had over 20 fantasy points.

So are you really going to be scared to play Taysom Hill against the Carolina Panthers? Like, no, I don't think so. And so when I think about going into the fantasy championship, I'd rather go with a known quantity, where I've seen what he's done against layup matchups and tough matchups, versus going with the unknown. So that's why I feel comfortable going with Taysom Hill today.