Week 16 Fantasy Freebies - Nico Collins

Matt Harmon explains why the Houston WR should have a spot on your roster vs. the Chargers in week 16.

Video transcript


MATT HARMON: Yeah, no Brandin Cooks this week for the Houston Texans. He's on the COVID list. I think that Nico Collins kind of makes an interesting play this week if you are ultra desperate. And I mean, if you're this desperate and you're waiting till 9:50 Pacific to adjust your lineup, I don't know what you're doing here.

But if you are, maybe you can play Nico Collins, a guy who is, of course, also the stone minimum in our daily fantasy game-- 65 routes over the last two weeks, second on the team obviously to Brandin Cooks. He is the number 2 receiver there for Houston. But more importantly, 14 targets over that span. I mean, they're starting to get him more involved. I kind of think Nico Collins can play a little bit too.

Obviously, we typically think that when you're going against the Chargers, you're gonna target them with running backs more often than in the passing you. But remember, Joey Bosa on the COVID list. This is a team that can be beat overall defensively. They've kind of been an up and down unit even as a pass defense all year. So if you are truly desperate, I think Nico Collins can give you a pretty good game this week.