Week 15 Player Props

Minty Bets and Matt Harmon offer up their favorite player props for Week 15.

Video transcript


MATT HARMON: Yeah, we got some interesting ones here, starting off with Minty's first one. I talked about riding the Chase Claypool roller coaster a little bit earlier. Minty, sounds like you're joining me on this amusement ride here.

MINTY BETS: I am joining you on this ride. I like Chase Claypool to have over 4 and 1/2 receptions here at plus 110. Now I'm really liking the plus money here. The Titans have one of the best rushing defenses on paper, so I don't believe we'll see Najee Harris get terribly far, which leaves room for Chase Claypool. He should have somewhat of a big game. And last week, he recorded eight receptions. He only needs five today, and I think that's very possible against a bottom-ranked Titans pass defense. So give me the over for Chase Claypool.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, again, the problem is not the production with Chase Claypool, at least of late. It's been how much of a goofball is he going to be and how much is Mike Tomlin going to get pissed about it. So there are a couple considerations there, but I love that you're starting off with an over at plus odds, Minty. We love to see it.

All right, let's move on to the next one here, Gabe Davis over 40 and 1/2 receiving yards for me at minus 115. Look, I'm not like the biggest Gabe Davis fan in the world, but plays a season-high 83% of the snaps last week. No Emmanuel Sanders. And, frankly, I think the Bills were smart to hedge their bets with Gabe Davis coming into this year. You know, that's why they signed Sanders, who's a reliable veteran. But enough already with Emmanuel Sanders at this point in his career being the deep threat for this team.

It's time for them to fire Gabe Davis up. He's not a perfect player, but he can burn. I don't really care about the matchup against a tough Panthers secondary. I expect the Bills to be crushing in this game. And 40 and 1/2 is simply too low for the new number two receiver for the Buffalo Bills, who again brings that deep-game versatility that I, frankly, think the Bills desperately need right now.

MINTY BETS: Hmm, I don't hate this prop. And you say it's set too low. I think it's set a little too high, but in a good way. The books are expecting some production from him. And I say it's a little too high based off of his production in the last several weeks, but I think he can definitely sneak this one in. And I'm on the over with you there, Matt.

And my next prop is going to be on Christian Kirk, over 54 and 1/2 receiving yards. Now the Lions are allowing 8.2 passing yards per attempt, which is second most in the league. Christian Kirk has had such a great season and has gone over this total in three of his last five games. He's one of Kyler's main targets now that Hopkins is on IR. So I think this one is set pretty low, and I like the over on this one.

MATT HARMON: Minty taking two overs. We knew things was going to get weird here in week 15, but that is beautiful. We love to see it. I like AJ Green a little bit more than Christian Kirk, but I'm with you on the over on this one. I think Kyler Murray really rolls against the Lions.

All right, last one here. I made an error on the outline, so this is going to say over, but I totally meant to say under when I wrote this thing here. I'm going under. It's going to say over when we throw the graphic up for Ezekiel Elliott, 78 and 1/2 rushing plus receiving yards, but I actually want the under here on Zeke's combined yardage. Because, listen, we've got reports that obviously Tony Pollard is going to play here.

It's smart to not even throw the graphic up. I'm so sorry to all the producers. I really just realized this. I'm a terrible person, and I deserve all of the shame. Anyways, go under on Zeke, who also deserves the shame. Not to his own fault. It's because the Cowboys keep throwing him out there when he's clearly not healthy. Decent matchup against the Giants, Minty. But, again, Tony Pollard is going to play. There are some reports that even Corey Clement could still be out there.

Look at that, they changed this in real time. Shoutout to you guys. I mean, you're the real heroes here. Not me. I stink. I'm terrible. Also, Zeke's not going to do that well today, as I mentioned. Corey Clement might be playing a little bit. Three-way split. The Cowboys need to rest Zeke. I'm with them on this three-way split here, Minty. Are you with me on taking the under for Zeke's combined yardage here?

MINTY BETS: Yeah, absolutely. Actually, when you typed over, I was going to disagree with you, so I now agree with you on the under. I think 78 and 1/2 is very high, especially-- I mean, even for both combined. I think if anything, he reaches maybe like 40, 50 rushing yards and not that many receiving yards. So I like the under there with you. I think it'll just get really under 78.

MATT HARMON: That's the problem is I agree with you completely about that rushing yardage here. And I'm like, is the rest really coming-- the juice is going to come in the passing game there? I don't think so. All right, well, that was a mess. We're all limping here to the end of the season. But nevertheless, you should watch more of that disaster show that you just saw with me here. Not Minty. She's great. But my disastrous self will be back with Minty 11:30 AM Pacific time, 2:30 PM Eastern for "Yahoo Sportsbook Live."

I have been told actually, Minty, that if I don't go 6 and 0 on my props this week, producer Kent told me they will replace me for the rest of the season. Kent doesn't realize that he promised me a nice little holiday break there, Minty. So I hope everybody enjoys my last show this week. I'm just kidding, but seriously tune in later. It's gonna be great.

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