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Week 10 Fantasy Football Recap: Fields stays hot, Watson breaks out, Jefferson & Lamb dominate

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Some of the best games, and fantasy performances, happened in the NFL’s week 10 slate of games. Matt Harmon and Scott Pianowski get together on Sunday evening to recap all of the action.

Vikings WR Justin Jefferson had his statement games in an overtime win against the Buffalo Bills, Justin Fields showed why he’s already one of the top QBs in fantasy, Tom Brady’s Buccaneers look fixed, and Amari Cooper is still inexplicably bad in road games.

Matt Ryan made a surprise start for the Colts, who might be fantasy relevant again. Rookie WR Christian Watson caught 3 TDs in what could be a season-changing performance for the Packers offense and Patrick Mahomes continued to show why he’s the most valuable player in the NFL.

02:00 Vikings 33, Bills 30 (OT)

11:55 Lions 31, Bears 30

16:50 Buccaneers 21, Seahawks 16

22:20 Dolphins 39, Browns 17

32:40 Colts 25, Raiders 20

41:45 Packers 31, Cowboys 28 (OT)

47:35 Chiefs 27, Jaguars 17

53:15 Titans 17, Broncos 10

55:00 Giants 24, Texans 16

57:30 Cardinals 27, Rams 17

61:30 Steelers 20, Saints 10

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