‘Wednesday’ Star Jenna Ortega on Why ‘It Felt Wrong’ Working With Christina Ricci: ‘I’ve Never Been So Awkward’

Following Christina Ricci’s Wednesday Addams is no easy feat. So when Jenna Ortega had to embody the iconic role in front of Ricci herself, it was daunting to say the least.

“I’ve never been so awkward. I felt like I didn’t know what to say to her,” Ortega told Variety at the red carpet premiere of the Netflix series “Wednesday” at the Hollywood Legion Theater. “I think she’s a fantastic character actress. I know her as Wednesday in my head, so it was intimidating. But she’s so wonderful and talented — she made it really easy.”

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Asked how she felt wearing the Wednesday ensemble while filming scenes with Ricci, Ortega said, “It felt wrong. I wanted to give it to her.”

The dark comedy series revolves around Wednesday Addams, the sadistic teenage daughter of the beloved ghoulish family. In Netflix’s spinoff, Wednesday attends Nevermore Academy, where she attempts to master her new psychic abilities while investigating a monstrous killing spree.

“Wednesday was always my favorite character, so I think people are gonna be really excited that she’s not just saying one liners every once in a while,” Hunter Doohan said. “She’s the main star and the main character that we’re following, and we get to see so many different aspects of who she is for the first time.”

On working with Tim Burton, who directed four episodes of the series, Gwendoline Christie described the experience as a “true dream.”

“I loved every second of working with him,” she continued. “I’ve never had such a collaborative experience, and been made to feel so respected and valued as an artist.”

“Tim just adds that Tim Burton magic X factor to everything,” said showrunner Alfred Gough. “He really just made it his own and elevated and brought it to life. It’s a sort of strange alchemy that you can’t quite explain, but you know when you see it.”

Gough also revealed how he and co-showrunner Miles Millar paid homage to the “Beetlejuice” and “Edward Scissorhands” director in the series.

“There’s a cafe in the show called the Weathervane, and — we don’t even think Tim knows this – but all the weather vanes on the wall in the back are basically modeled after each of his movies,” he said.

“Wednesday” premieres Nov. 23 on Netflix.

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