Wedding industry preps for a 2022 boom

STORY: It may be a sign of a return to normal – weddings are back in style.

While not all will be as lavish as the Beckham/Peltz multi-million dollar wedding, the U.S. is set to see a marriage bonanza this year with upwards of 2.5 million ceremonies.

That’s left industry insiders preparing for a big scramble.

Including Jim Marcum, CEO of David’s Bridal which has around 300 stores across the U.S., Canada and the UK.

"There's really a sense that things are getting back to normal, right, which is so powerful. You know, we all got into 2020 and the world was turned upside down for a lot of these brides, right, who had who had booked venues or were in the process of planning their events."

According to research company ‘The Wedding Report,’ wedding-related products and services are going to see a major boost.

Sales are set to jump to $68 billion - 31% more this year than last.

That’s even above the level of two years ago.

And after so many months of sweat pants - brides seem ready to dress up again.

Anthropologie’s bridal business says there’s a demand for sleek, sensual dresses.

MARCUM: “Clearly, we see brides in the system. She's out there in a scramble trying to find her a venue. And what's so interesting is we really see as a result, this elongating right, it's going to be through 2022 and twenty three. So, you know, it's it really is interesting to see how it plays out.”

It’s not all smooth sailing ahead though.

Months of supply chain disruptions - as well as the lingering remnants of the health crisis - will keep retailers and couples on their toes for months to come.

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