Wedding Guests Flee From Flaming Debris During Deadly Iraq Fire

Wedding guests were seen running for cover as flaming debris fell from the ceiling of a wedding venue in northern Iraq, after a deadly fire broke out on September 26.

Nineveh Deputy Governor Hassan al-Allaq told media that 113 people had been confirmed dead. State media put the death toll at at least 100, with 150 people injured.

Initial reports from Iraq’s Civil Defense Directorate indicated fireworks were used, and may have caused the fire inside the hall.

It also said that the wedding hall was covered with highly flammable panels.

Footage filmed by wedding photographers Studio 4Pro showed the moment that the indoor fireworks ignited while the married couple danced. The footage freezes before the flaming debris can be seen coming from the ceiling and guests scatter.

Separate footage, verified by Storyful, showed the moment indoor fireworks sparked the fire at the venue.

Footage filmed by Kurdistan 24 showed the wedding venue roof had collapsed, with charred shoes and other personal items among the debris.

Iraq’s Ministry of Interior said arrest warrants against four owners of the wedding hall had been issued, according to state media. Credit: Studio 4Pro via Storyful

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