Wedding Guest Mistakenly Throws Sugared Almonds at Bride and Groom

Wedding guests in a Sydney suburb were left crying with laughter after someone threw sugared almonds at the bride and groom instead of the traditional confetti on November 12.

Video captured by Amy Code shows the confectionary flying in the air and hitting the bride and groom as they left St. Catherine’s Greek Orthodox Church. Code told Storyful that guests were given sugared almonds as “a gift to be eaten” when they walked out of the church.

“Next second, as we are cheering the bride and groom out of the church, a handful of the almonds were thrown at them,” she said. “My friend in the video is crying from laughter because she found throwing the almonds so funny.”

Code said that they still have no idea who threw the sweets. Credit: Amy Code via Storyful

Video transcript