Wedding fail: Newlyweds try to perform back-bending kiss but fall over

Amusing footage shows two newlyweds trying to perform a back-bending kiss - only to fall over in front of guests on their wedding day. Jason Karlo Santos, 30, held his bride Princess, 29, in his arms but failed to support her weight outside the church in Antipolo City, the Philippines, on March 18. Families and friends cheered for the bride and groom as they went out of the church but were briefly worried when the pair fell after the kiss fail. The groom Karlo said: ‘We have been together for 16 years. We were childhood sweethearts so we were very close to each other’s friends and families. We were not hurt seriously and our guests had a good laugh after the incident with us.’ Jason and Princess composed themselves and made the romantic and extravagant kiss gesture again.