Weather Officials Measure Deep Snow in Duluth, Minnesota

The National Weather Service (NWS) said more heavy snow was expected in Duluth and surrounding areas on Sunday, March 12, as much of northeastern Minnesota remained under a winter storm warning.

Footage streamed live to the Facebook account of the NWS office in Duluth shows deep snow in their parking lot. The NWS said up to 9 inches of snow was forecast through Sunday evening.

Early Sunday, the NWS said the total snow tally at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport for the season was 80 inches, making it the eighth highest snow season in Twin Cities records. Credit: NWS Duluth Minnesota via Storyful

Video transcript

- All right, we're at the Duluth National Weather Service, and it is Sunday morning, and we're looking for snow measurements. So if you want to take a look around our parking lot here, a good way to measure a snow measurement is to take your ruler and measure in three different places and then take the average of those three by adding them up and dividing by 3. Right now, the plows already come through in a parking lot, but as you can see-- let me go over here to the snow field, where we take our official measurements, and you can see that our snow depth, if we get through all the ice layers-- [INAUDIBLE] try to find a better spot because-- there we go.

All right, our snow depth here is about 38 inches. So that's not the new snow that's falling, but that's what's our total snow depth. But if you find a surface that you've shoveled overnight, you can go out there and like I said, take three different measurements in different places and you should be able to get a pretty good measurement of how much snow has fallen in your area.

As you can see, we've got about 8 inches here, as we measured about an hour ago. And our little snow stick over here is pretty deep-- 34 inches. We're actually in the top 10 snowfalls of all-time now. So there's a lot more snow to come today still, but it should start to taper down by this evening so we'll be looking for your measurements. Thanks a lot.