Wearable fans help Japan's hot dogs stay cool

STORY: These wearable fans are helping hot dogs cool down

during heatwaves in Japan

[Mami Kumamoto / Dog owner]

“It's impossible to walk my dogs during the daytime in such hot weather. I usually use dry ice packs to keep the dogs cool. But I think it's easier to walk my dogs if we have this fan."

Clothes designer Rei Uzawa teamed up with vets to create it

The battery-operated fan is attached to a special mesh outfit

which helps circulate cool air around the animal's body

The outfits cost the equivalent of $74

They come in five different sizes and can be worn by cats

[Rei Uzawa/ President/ Sweet Mommy Company]

"There are many kinds of cooling packs these days in the market that you can put on a dog's neck, but they don't last very long. I often see air-conditioned clothing for humans, so I thought it would be nice if we also had such a product for pets. That's why we made this."

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