Wayne Lai transforms his body at 56 for "The Ringmaster"

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23 Nov – Owen Cheung was not the only TVB actor who went from rough to buff for the new series, "The Ringmaster".

It turns out that Wayne Lai, who turned 57 back in May, also had an impressive transformation for the said series, as he recently revealed on Instagram.

Posting several shirtless photos of himself looking smashing in his boxing get-up, he wrote, "Persevering hard and with patience, the boxing champion will reappear at 9:30 p.m. on November 23. "The Ringmaster" on TVB Jade."

Wayne was 56 when he decided to take the role, and revealed that he lost 20 pounds following a rigorous diet and two months' worth of training.

The actor also shared his fitness menu of only chicken breasts, eggs, sweet potatoes, and the occasional tomatoes and vegetables.

"In addition to sports and boxing, I also invite coaches for regular training and every night I would exercise at home on my own," he said.

Wayne's hard work, persistence and patience are evident
Wayne's hard work, persistence and patience are evident

(Photo Source: Mingpao, Wayne Lai Instagram)

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