Wayne Brady's Reality Show Explores 'New Chapter'“ ”with His Blended Family — Watch the Trailer!“ ”(Exclusive)

'Wayne Brady: The Family Remix' will offer a rare behind-the-scenes look at the entertainer’s life and his tightly-knit clan

Wayne Brady is ready to get more personal.

For the first time, the Let’s Make a Deal host, 52, allowed cameras into his personal life to follow his blended family — which includes ex-wife and business partner Mandie Taketa, their daughter Maile Brady and Taketa’s partner Jason Fordham — for the new reality show, Wayne Brady: The Family Remix.

“With Brady at a sudden crossroads in his life, Wayne Brady: The Family Remix offers an intimate look into his blended family’s personal life, revealing unexpected points of view and values that most people (including his own family) have a hard time understanding,” the synopsis reads. “People see their social media posts — from vacations to dancing in TikToks — but what’s behind the joyful 15 seconds of fun? Their real life is not always as easy and as simple as it seems.”

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<p>Matt Sayles/Disney</p> Maile Brady, Wayne Brady, Mandie Taketa and Jason Fordham.

Matt Sayles/Disney

Maile Brady, Wayne Brady, Mandie Taketa and Jason Fordham.

The Freeform series arrives almost a year after Wayne came out as pansexual in an exclusive PEOPLE interview in August 2023 and almost a month after he wrapped up his successful run in the Broadway revival of The Wiz as the titular character.

The show's trailer opens with Wayne declaring he’s finally “ready to share my truth,” requesting that viewers actually “buckle up, because it’s going to be a really good ride.”

While the trailer highlights footage of his family, the TV personality admits that much of his life has been lived “in secret.”

“The only people that truly know Wayne is my blended family: Maile, Mandie, Jason and myself,” he explains. “We call ourselves the ‘Core Four.’ We are not a regular nuclear family."

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<p>Kevin Estrada/Disney</p> Maile Brady.

Kevin Estrada/Disney

Maile Brady.

While an unabashed Maile acknowledges she’s a “nepo baby” — “I feel like I could be doing a better job at being a nepo baby," she adds — Mandie introduces herself as Wayne’s business partner and his ex-wife. Jason, who was once one of Wayne’s back-up dancers in Las Vegas, describes himself as Mandie’s “life partner.” “It’s just way cooler with me in the mix,” he quips.

“I’ll freely admit it. It’s weird,” Wayne says of the family situation. Then, striking a more serious note, the entertainer briefly becomes existential.

“The big question for me this entire journey has been, ‘Who is Wayne Brady?’” he continues.

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<p>Kevin Estrada/Disney</p> Wayne Brady, Jason Fordham and Mandie Taketa.

Kevin Estrada/Disney

Wayne Brady, Jason Fordham and Mandie Taketa.

“You haven't been living 100% authentically, and people don't know you,” Maile contends.

In another scene, Wayne comes out to two friends as pansexual, a revelation to one of them, who says he “doesn’t know what the f--- that is.” The other friend puts it simply: “You like human beings.”

“Whatever I do, it affects the scope of the whole tribe and this new chapter, it’s scary,” Wayne continues.

After Mandie gives Wayne some tough love — “I’m worried you’re running away” — he has an honest conversation with his biological mom about his sexual identity. He also references his years-long struggle with depression.

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<p>Kevin Estrada/Disney</p> Wayne Brady.

Kevin Estrada/Disney

Wayne Brady.

“I don’t want to be depressed, anymore. I don’t want to feel this weight, anymore,” Wayne adds. "I have a reputation. I have a business. I have my family. This is not a game. This is my actual life.”

As the trailer’s logline flashes onscreen — “The family you choose” and “The family you need” — a montage of family moments ensue, and Wayne muses how the show would have been so much easier if it was “just a show about us doing TikToks.”

As the show’s title appears, Mandie sums up Wayne in a few words: “Maile, your dad is so freakin’ cool."

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Wayne Brady: The Family Remix premieres July 24 at 10 p.m. ET on Freeform and the next day on Hulu.

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