Waterspout Swirls in South Carolina Town

A waterspout swirled in Pawleys Island, South Carolina, on Saturday, September 10.

Several people in the area captured videos of the weather phenomenon spinning at the location. Among them was William Trammell, who shot this footage at the town’s marsh. Credit: William Trammell via Storyful

Video transcript

- Isn't that weird.

- I'm scared. At first, I saw something fly up.

- Look at it.

- I was like, what in the world?

- It looks like a volcano.

- Look, [INAUDIBLE].

- That is scary.

- It is like a tornado.

- Whoa.

- Are you getting that, William?


- [INAUDIBLE] stuff is like flying around.

WILLIAM TRAMMELL: How does that happen?

- Look at that.

- Yeah, stuff was flying over here.

- Now, when the fish start flying in the air, I'm going to go.

WILLIAM TRAMMELL: How does that happen?


- Well, it's just a [INAUDIBLE]. I think that--

- It looks like it's on land.

- I don't know if it's a real tornado or not. But it-- it sure looks like the start of one, doesn't it?

- Well, Chad said, back when he was an intern in Myrtle Beach, they had one go to land and do a lot of damage.


- We are not going to go home.

- I mean, that one doesn't look like the type that would tear anything up.

- It's getting small.

- But it is weird.


WILLIAM TRAMMELL: We're about to find out.

- I just don't think it's got the--


- --intensity to it yet. But it looks like it could.

- It's a water spout.

- It looks like it's going to die.

WILLIAM TRAMMELL: There it goes.

- Oh, it died. It died out--


- --when it got off-- when it hit the--