Waterspout Crashes Directly Into House on Lake Samish

A waterspout crashed into a lakeside home on Lake Samish, Washington on Monday, April 18.

Micah Ping and his wife Amy Ping filmed on their phones the moment a vortex formed and moved directly towards their home.

Micah and Sarah’s home security camera also recorded the event, showing a canoe and children’s toys being thrown around the backyard.

The National Weather Services forecasted windy and rainy weather in western Washington on April 18. Credit: Micah Ping via Storyful

Video transcript

- Look in the middle of lake. Get away from the windows guys, just in case some flies into them.

We're OK. It's gone now.

- Oh my, gosh.

- Holy cow.

- So scary. It's going away.

- Do you see that, Eli?


- No, look at the lake.

- Get away from the windows, guys.

- Step back. Step back. [? Quinney, ?] Eli, get back, bud. Oh, my gosh. Get back. Get back. Get back, Elisha. Back further.

- No. Oh, no.

- OK. It's gone now. Oh, my gosh.

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