Waterfall in Blue Mountains Rages as Heavy Rain Hits New South Wales

The Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales were raging on March 20, as torrential rain swept across the state, causing flooding and evacuations.

This footage, by Darren Saunders, shows the 614-foot waterfall gushing water. “Wentworth Falls absolutely thundering today. Incredible volume of water disappear into the mist,” Saunders wrote on Twitter.

Two people were rescued after becoming trapped by overflowing water at Katoomba Falls in the Blue Mountains on March 20, local news reports said.

The New South Wales weather service warned that the flood situation in parts of the state, including western Sydney, remained “dangerous and volatile” on Sunday, with flooding in some areas forecast to worsen. Credit: Dr Darren Saunders via Storyful