Water shortage worsens misery amid Haiti unrest

STORY: Residents of capital Port-au-Prince took advantage of an expected half-day truce to rush to distribution centers to stockpile a few days supply of water and cooking gas, which has also run short in many places.

They had been forced to shelter at home this week as gunfire broke out and burning tires blocked streets during protests over fuel price hikes and crime, which also slowed or halted companies that typically deliver water in the city.

A resident told Reuters he was buying water that was being sold in a house, adding that without this place, many would die from thirst. The man also said many people had to travel miles to fill buckets and bottles, then lug them home.

The country's latest unrest came as inflation surged to its highest in a decade and gang violence has left hundreds dead and thousands displaced, with much of Haiti's territory beyond government reach.

The Haitian government did not immediately respond to a request for comment.