Water Gushes Along Dry Creek Bed Amid Downpours in Northern Arizona

Water gushed down the dry bed of Big Bug Creek in northern Arizona as severe thunderstorms swept the region on Saturday, August 27.

Footage taken by StormRunner Media in Cordes Lakes shows the muddy waters grow from little more than a trickle to a raging flow carrying large debris.

Saturday’s storms prompted the National Weather Service (NWS) to issue flood warnings for multiple areas in northern and central Arizona. Credit: StormRunner Media via Storyful

Video transcript

- We are intercepting the front wall of this flood in Big Bug Creek. So here's the beginning of it. We've got some decent debris here. Few logs and stuff.

Front wall of this flood down Big Bug Creek. Got to head up. Head upstream. This is a very, very big flow here. Wow, this is crazy.

There goes the front wall. It is flowing good.

- The very end, you can see where it's still going.

Guessing that's promotional video?

- A lot of debris now here coming through The water level is definitely rising here. Oh my god. Look at this huge debris.

- Yeah, Look at how it rose up.

- Yeah. Oh,

- Wow. It's rising. It's coming through. Oh, look, it's coming up here now. We may have to back up, actually. Here comes that second wave.

- There was people walking up there just for reference.

- Yeah, it tried to come for y'all.

- Oh, there's a tire.

- Oh, yeah.

- A lot of debris flowing now. The water level is still rising here.

- All that debris in one cluster. Oh, yeah.

- Oh, it's rising. It's rising big time. Tree going under water.

- A lot of debris.

- Can you stay on this? I got to tweak this helmet.