Water bills to rise - but how do we clean up the industry?

Water bills are to rise by an average of 21% over the next five years, the industry regulator Ofwat has ruled.

But with the impact of the cost of living, water companies spilling record amounts of sewage into our waters, and controversial bonuses for senior leaders, do we need a complete overhaul of the industry?

On this episode, Niall Paterson hears from our business correspondent Paul Kelso in Henley, on the impact for consumers, providers and our waterways.

Niall also speaks to Stuart Colville, deputy CEO of Water UK, which represents the water companies, asking why they disagree with Ofwat's plans.

Plus, Feargal Sharkey, campaigner and former lead vocalist of The Undertones, joins Niall to share his reaction and the story behind his efforts to protect our rivers and seas.

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For further background from Sky News, you can read Paul Kelso's further analysis of Ofwat's business plans for Thames Water's survival here.

Producers: Soila Apparicio, Rosie Gillott
Editor: Paul Stanworth
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