watchOS 10.1 for Apple Watch is live now with double tap — here’s what you can do with it

 Apple Watch Series 9.
Apple Watch Series 9.

Apple has just released watchOS 10.1, which delivers a handful of upgrades including the highly-anticipated double tap feature to Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2. Users will be able to take advantage of the clever new gesture when they download the latest software version to their device.

Following a preview of double tap via the watchOS 10.1 public beta release earlier this month, Apple shared that the new gesture and a handful of additional features are now available via newsroom. It's worth noting that his version of watch software arrives alongside iOS 17.1 for iPhone and iPadOS 17.1 for iPad as well.

That said, double tap is probably the most exciting feature across all of the recent software updates. The gesture is powered by a new machine learning algorithm and the revamped S9 processor (which we took a closer look at with some Apple Watch execs) in the Series 9 and Ultra 2. In a nutshell, it lets you carry out certain Apple functions single-handedly by simply tapping your index finger and thumb on your watch hand together twice.

What can you do with Apple Watch double tap?

Double tap replaces the need to tap a finger from your opposite hand on your watch to complete specific Apple Watch actions. It can't completely let you navigate your Apple Watch, but it does offer a convenient solution for checking a notification, answering a call, dismissing a timer and more.

Perhaps the best example of using Double Tap is to complete the gesture when you're getting a phone call. If your hands are full and you don't want to leave the caller on the other end hanging, you can double tap to answer. If you answer and realize it's a telemarketer or bot, you can double tap to hang up the call.

Here is a full list of ways you can use double tap on your Apple Watch:

  • Answer and end a phone call

  • Carry out the primary action from a notification

  • Snooze an alarm

  • Launch and scroll through the Smart Stack

  • Trigger the photo timer on the camera remote app

  • Open a message notification

  • Reply to a message via text to speech

  • Press send on a text message

  • Pause, resume, and dismiss a timer

  • Pause and resume a stopwatch

  • Pause and play music, podcasts and audiobooks

  • Switch to elevation view in the compass app

  • Respond to automatic workout reminders

Additional new watchOS 10.1 features for Apple Watch

Even if you don't have the Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2, earlier Apple Watch models dating back to the Apple Watch Series 4 are eligible to download watchOS 10.1 for free.

In addition to double tap, the software update brings NameDrop to Apple Watch. NameDrop lets you exchange contact cards with other users by holding your watch close to another watch or iPhone with the updated software. You can also add My Card as a complication on your Apple Watch face for convenient access to NameDrop. This feature only works for Apple Watch Series 7 and later, though.

Otherwise, watchOS 10.1 provides fixes for a few minor Apple Watch bugs. The update addresses issues with the climate section in the Home app, unwanted display borders after disabling AssistiveTouch, cities not syncing between iPhone and Apple Watch in the weather app, and the scroll bar being visible on the display when it shouldn't.