Watch: US treasury secretary Yellen talks about plan to lower health care and drug costs

Watch as Janet Yellen, the US treasury secretary, makes remarks on the Biden Administration’s efforts to lower health care and prescription drug costs through the Inflation Reduction Act.

She will be speaking from Pennsylvania on Tuesday 13 February.

“I’m excited to be in Pittsburgh today and Detroit tomorrow to meet with local leaders, business leaders, and community members and discuss the impact of President Biden’s economic agenda and our administration’s efforts to lower health care costs and support small businesses,” Ms Yellen wrote on social media ahead of her speech.

Last month, Ms Yellen detailed her vision for helping middle-class families overcome affordability challenges.

“It is still too hard to be a working parent. We need to get American families access to affordable child care and other support for their children,” she said, in a major speech delivered in Chicago.

“Our economic plan is improving lives and laying the foundation for a new future for middle-class families and communities across the country.”