Watch this Ukrainian family’s reaction as they return home

STORY: "We're coming home!" Svitlana shouted cheerfully as she crossed a bridge, carrying a large case of belongings.

Their home village of Zalyman in Ukraine's Kharkiv region was caught up in crossfire in the early weeks of the war. Six months on, families have begun returning after Ukrainian forces for Russian occupiers into retreat.

“There’s no gas, no water, no electricity, nothing," Svitlana said as she sifted through her apartment, adding that the family would rely on a stove to cook and keep warm.

But for one of their neighbors, Svitlana Dovzhenko, the village is full of painful memories.

“Here lies my husband who was killed near the house,” she said, pointing to a makeshift wooden cross.

Her neighbour, Olena Ivanova described how Dovzhenko was hit by shrapnel which pierced his lungs.

“We buried him the best we could. We buried as bullets flew,” she said.