Watch these two dogs get married in India

STORY: The happiness of a childless couple Mitrapal Singh and his wife knew no bounds as their pet-turned-daughter, Sweety was married to a dog in the neighborhood, Sheru who had been living with his guardians for the past eight years.

"We are doing this wedding with all the rituals and traditions, just as the humans do," said Manita, guardian of Sheru the dog.

Around 25 invitation cards were printed for the wedding and some were sent online to the guests. Food was served to almost a hundred guests who were invited and gifts were also exchanged between the guardians of the dogs.

"This is a unique wedding and everyone wants to see it, who would not want to see it? I also wanted to come to see what will happen because I am seeing such a thing for the first time," said one guest.

The wedding had started as a joke but it turned out to be a serious affair after the guardians of the dogs decided to go ahead with the ceremonies.