Watch moment fearless photographer calmly snaps shots as missile attack destroys al-Sharouk Tower in Gaza

A fearless photographer seemed unfazed as he captured shots of al-Sharouk Tower as it collapsed after a devastating missile attack in Gaza city. The unflappable snapper remained steady and continued to point his camera towards the 14-storey tower, which toppled over after being struck by missiles on Wednesday (May 12). The building housed a bureau of al-Aqsa television channel, among others. The video was captured by another Gaza resident, who described the moment as a "very frightening event." A large cloud of smoke plumed into the air as debris crashed to the ground. The tower, a major media hub in one of Gaza’s busiest neighbourhoods, collapsed after being hit during Israeli airstrikes. It was also targeted in 2014. “Whoever shoots at us bleeds in his head,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote in a Twitter post of the tower’s collapse. “Congratulations to the IDF.”

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