Watch: Malaysian teacher's video shows challenges of being a teacher in US


A Malaysian teacher’s classroom experiences in a US elementary school have sparked discussions on classroom management and cultural differences.

A Malaysian teacher in Omaha: Jai, a Malaysian teacher currently working in an American elementary school, shared a 21-second TikTok video on Feb. 1, highlighting some of the unique challenges in his job. Originally from Perak, Malaysia, he now lives in Omaha, Nebraska with his wife.

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if I worked in an elementary school in the USA?” he asked in the video's opening text overlay.

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Striking scenes:  One striking scene reveals an injury on his hand, which he explained was caused by a student "expressing their emotions." Another scene shows Jai navigating a classroom in disarray, with overturned chairs and tables as well as papers scattered across the floor.

In another part of the clip, a student can be heard using offensive language towards Jai, “Don’t f*cking talk to me, don’t f*cking talk to me!” He also has to occasionally chase students who walk out of the classroom during tantrums.

Netizen react: The TikTok video has since been viewed over 2.8 million times, sparking discussions among netizens. Many expressed shock and disbelief at the displayed behavior of the students. 

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"I wouldn't stand a day," commented one user.

"I don't know how tough the days u went through," another chimed in.

"Sir? Are you okay sir? Hope you are fine," wrote another.

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Some commented about the contrasting approaches to discipline and education between Malaysia and the US.

"I am soooo grateful being a Malaysian, born, raised in Malaysia," one user said.

"We are blessed because our momma can throw slippers when we're rude," a commenter wrote.

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