Watch The Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring Summer 2023 Spin-Off Show Live

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Louis Vuitton spring summer 2023
Louis Vuitton spring summer 2023

Tune in to the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring Summer 2023 Spin-Off show, the first fashion show hosted by a luxury house in Aranya, a coastal community stretching over 5 km of beaches in Beidaihe, China.

Much like a child’s sandbox, Louis Vuitton expands on the idea of the magnified playground first introduced in Paris in June with an extraordinary set in moulded sandscapes.

Araya, considered an artistic community, shares an affinity with the vision of Virgil Abloh to create the varied expressions of tomorrow. Its magnetism has grown over the past decade, when city dwellers started to dream of the simplicity of rural life. Since 2013, it has transformed itself into a place where you can seek enrichment in art exhibitions, music festivals, and landmark architectures.

The 320 metres-catwalk is situated between 2 key sites, realised by Vector Architects and that have earned semi-cult status since their completion in 2015; the Lonely Library and the Community Hall, an elevated white voluminous structure resembling a church, that plays host to hundreds of events organised by the community each year, from classical concerts, to theatre, plays and underground music festivals and contemporary dance.


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What to expect at the Louis Vuitton Men’s Spring Summer 2023 Spin-Off Show

Designed by the Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme, the collection will begin with a cinematic prelude titled Mirage created in a collaborative effort between Chinese directors Jia Zhangke and Wei Shujun – who also serve as directors of the show, exploring themes of childhood, discovery and community. Shot in Dunhuang in the Gobi Desert, the film stages the contemporary meeting of East with West, taking its audiences to Aranya beach where the live show unfolds in the sandscape.

Under the musical direction of Benji B, the show’s soundtrack will be live-scored by the Beijing-based instrumental band, Sleeping Dogs. The show also features a performance choreographed by the Chinese dancer, Hou Ying.

Faithful to Virgil Abloh’s emphasis on inclusivity, Louis Vuitton has extended show invitations to 100 young people from Aranya’s local communities. They will be wearing t-shirts dyed in every colour of the rainbow with the date “June 21 2018”, marking Virgil’s first show for Louis Vuitton.