Watch view outside Miami hotel where DeSantis expected to launch election campaign

Watch from outside a Four Seasons hotel in Miami, where Ron DeSantis is hosting a donor event on Wednesday 24 May.

The Florida governor is expected to officially enter the 2024 presidential race later today, following months of speculation.

He will take part in a live Twitter event with Elon Musk and afterwards, the campaign will release an official launch video, according to reports.

On Tuesday, Casey DeSantis kicked off her husband’s campaign by sharing a video of him getting ready to go on stage in front of an American flag.

“They call it faith, because in the face of darkness, you can see that brighter future. A faith that our best days lay ahead of us,” the voiceover says.

“America is worth the fight... Every. Single. Time,” Ms DeSantis tweeted along with the short video, which carried the same message later in the voiceover.

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