Watch view of Buckingham Palace after Princess of Wales cancer diagnosis announced

Watch a view of Buckingham Palace after the Princess of Wales announced she has been diagnosed with cancer in an emotional video message on Friday (22 March).

Kate spoke about the “huge shock” following her diagnosis and how her family has experienced an “incredibly tough couple of months”.

The Princess was admitted to hospital for abdominal surgery on January 16 and at the time her condition was thought to be non-cancerous but tests after the successful operation found cancer, the type of which has not been disclosed.

Kate began a course of “preventative chemotherapy” late in February but is said to have a positive mindset for her recovery and is in good spirits, describing herself as “well and getting stronger every day”.

It is understood the video was released on the day William and Kate’s three children began their Easter school holidays to take advantage of the break to shield them from coverage of their mother’s health.