Watch live: View of 10 Downing Street as Keir Starmer’s new Labour cabinet expected to meet for first time

The new Labour cabinet is expected to meet at Downing Street as Keir Starmer wastes no time making his presence known as the new prime minister.

Angela Rayner was last night appointed deputy prime minister, while Rachel Reeves is the first female chancellor in 800 years.

Other top jobs in Starmer’s cabinet include Yvette Cooper as home secretary, David Lammy as foreign secretary, and Shabana Mahmood as justice secretary. Wes Streeting will step into the role of health secretary.

Following a tiring 48 hours of campaigning, votes, and awaiting the landslide result, Keir Starmer yesterday met with the King for his first private audience.

They’ll now meet weekly to discuss ongoing parliamentary affairs.

The Conservative lost 251 seats in this election, despite being in power for the last 14 years.

While Reform UK, Green Party, and the Liberal Democrats expressed their delight at their respective results, Labour won 412 seats out of a possible 650.