Watch Steven Spielberg walk down red carpet of Berlin Film Festival

This footage shows the scene from the Berlin International Film Festival red carpet as Steven Spielberg arived ahead of the ceremony.

The iconic director will be presented with the festival's honorary Honorary Golden Bear lifetime achievement award.

The awards, often called the "Berlinale," are taking place in Berlin on Tuesday, 21 February.

He will be given the annual event's top prize for his body of work made up of more than 100 movies and series.

His work “is unique in the history of international cinema of the past 60 years for its immense variety,” the festival said.

Festival co-directors Mariette Rissenbeek and Carlo Chatrian released a statement about his achievements when he was named as the recipient of the award.

It read: “With an incredible career, Steven Spielberg has not only enchanted generations of viewers all over the world, but has also given a new meaning to the ‘cinema’ as the factory of dreams."

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