Watch as OpenAI CEO faces questions from Congress on potential AI regulation

Watch as OpenAI’s CEO testifies to Congress on potential artificial intelligence regulation on Tuesday 16 May.

Sam Altman, whose company made AI accessible to ordinary Americans, appeared before lawmakers, who are grappling with how best to regulate a powerful technology with an immense capacity for good and for harm.

ChatGPT, the company’s most notable product, has captured the public’s imagination in recent months and has left Washington racing to figure out its transformative powers.

Back in March 2023, Mr Altman admitted he does have fears over the technology, despite its “tremendous benefits”.

“I think it’s weird when people think it’s like a big dunk that I say, I’m a little bit afraid,” he said on tech researcher Lex Fridman’s podcast.

“And I think it’d be crazy not to be a little bit afraid, and I empathise with people who are a lot afraid.

“The current worries that I have are that there are going to be disinformation problems or economic shocks, or something else at a level far beyond anything we’re prepared for.”

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