Watch: Biden meets with Mexico’s president at APEC summit

Watch as Joe Biden hosts a bilateral meeting with Mexico's president Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the APEC summit on Friday, 17 November in San Francisco.

The US president wrapped up a four-day diplomatic push with China as well as other Pacific nations on Friday in a final meeting with world leaders.

The pair were expected to discuss a range of issues such as migration, fentanyl trafficking, and US and Mexican economic cooperation, according to US diplomat Brian Nichols.

It comes after Mr López Obrador skipped a Los Angeles summit in 2022 where leaders talked about migration because the US didn’t invite Cuba, Nicaragua or Venezuela.

He was also initially going to skip APEC this year, but changed his mind.

Mr López Obrador said he intended to use Friday’s meeting to make the case for Cuba and to urge his Mr Biden to resume dialogue with the nation and end sanctions.