Watch live as Biden discusses affordable healthcare in Virginia

Watch live as Joe Biden discusses affordable healthcare in Virginia.

The president is expected to use his address as an opportunity to contrast his administration’s healthcare goals with those that may come from the Republican-led House.

While speaker Kevin McCarthy has, like Mr Biden, stated that social security and Medicare will be exempt from consideration for cuts in upcoming budget negotiations, the White House has criticised Republican leaders for failing to indicate where they do intend to reduce spending.

“Virtually every Republican budget or fiscal plan over the last decade has included repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and deep cuts to Medicaid,” a statement from the White House read on Tuesday (28 February).

On a political level, Mr Biden’s trip to Virginia Beach could be seen as important to his still officially undeclared re-election campaign and the area - the state’s second-most-populous - could go a long way toward swinging it red or blue in 2024.