Watch: Japan’s FamilyMart launches mobile convenience store


Japanese "konbini" chain FamilyMart is taking its convenience store business to the next level with an unmanned, self-checkout store that can be towed to different locations.

Key points:

  • The mobile outlet, known as the “FamilyMart Maishima/N store,” was unveiled at the Osaka-Kansai Expo 2025 construction site in Osaka on Monday.

  • The convenience store has an automated air conditioning system set to maintain the freshness of its products.

  • It currently serves workers at the construction site.

The details:

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  • The compact, 6.06-meter (19.88-foot) by 2.44-meter (8-foot) store offers 280 different products, ranging from instant cup noodles to frozen and refrigerated items.

  • The unmanned facility features a self-checkout counter for customers to pay via FamilyMart’s payment app, FamiPay.

  • It is equipped with an automated air conditioning system powered by solar panels and storage batteries. The system adapts to maintain a temperature that keeps products fresh.

  • Mobility is the store's main highlight as it can be driven to locations with difficulty obtaining basic needs, such as disaster-stricken areas.

  • The store was developed in partnership with industrial manufacturer Hitachi High-Tech, architecture and construction firm Takenaka and trailer maker Croco Art Factory.

  • FamilyMart has yet to announce expansion plans.


  • Japanese X users are lauding FamilyMart’s latest innovation. One commented, “It's good if it makes things more convenient for the people working here. That's great.”

  • “Also, it's nice for places like factories, companies, or cafeterias where it's far away and you only have time for a round trip during breaks, isn't it?” another wrote.

  • “I've never seen a site like this before," another noted. "It's comfortable, isn't it?”


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