Watch: Hearts melt as senior Singapore couple reunite with daughter, grandkids for Lunar New Year


A video showing a woman who came home to Singapore to surprise her parents for the Lunar New Year is melting people's hearts on TikTok.

Capturing the moment: The video, which has amassed over 1.1 million views, shows the priceless reactions of Teo Ching Hwa and Tan Quee Lan, both 62, as their daughter Xiu Min arrived for the occasion with her children. Xiu Min has been living in Indonesia with her in-laws.

The senior couple, who had been busy tending to their hawker stall, are seen filled with joy as their daughter and two young grandsons approached. The doting grandfather even dropped his chores immediately to give the boys a big hug.

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The rest of the video shows both grandparents hugging their grandchildren. At one point, Xiu Min is seen breaking down in tears of joy.

Keeping it a secret: Speaking to AsiaOne, Teo Jun Jie, who filmed the touching moment, shared that his sister Xiu Min had booked tickets to Singapore as early as October last year. However, they had to keep the plan a secret even with a family trip to Thailand in December and Xiu Min's frequent video calls with their parents.

The Muay Thai instructor said his sister had to reject their parents’ suggestion to celebrate the Chinese New Year with them. She told them she had to be with her in-laws in Indonesia instead.

Trending on NextShark: Watch: Hearts melt as senior Singapore couple reunite with daughter, grandkids for Lunar New Year

Teo said their parents "probably gave up hope" that they will see their grandkids. "Seeing how surprised, excited and happy they were, it was definitely worth the wait," he wrote in the on-screen caption.

Speaking to Mothership, Teo said their parents continue to work so hard for them and never asked for anything in return. "To do this small little surprise, knowing that this is all they ever wanted, was good enough," he said.

What people are saying: The viral video has left TikTok users emotional. "I'm not crying, you're crying," one wrote.

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Another user commented, “It's always the grandfathers and their grandchildren things.”

“When parents see their grandchildren, it makes them relive the happy memories when they had you at that age,” another suggested.


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