Watch the gruelling training regime this Indian athlete went through to break a clapping push-ups world record

This is how one fitness fanatic from India entered the Guinness World Records for the most claps with doing fingertip push-ups in a minute. Every time athlete Kuwar Amritbir Singh completes a push-up he claps before landing back on his fingertips in an impressive show of strength and balance. He achieved the record in Batala, Punjab. India, on 8 February 2022. Kuwar attempted this record to inspire the youth in his nation, according to Guinness. The record breaker did not train at gyms, instead, he used cement blocks, bricks and tyres to bolster his muscles. Video shows Singh in training and the exercises he put himself through in order to hit the record. He has entered the Guinness World Records for the most push ups with claps (finger tips) in one minute - 45, achieved on February 8, 2022.