Watch: Douyin user earns $13.7M in sales in 7 days with 3-second product showcases


A Douyin livestreamer recently went viral for her unconventional live-selling tactic, in which she only spends three seconds showcasing the item she is selling before moving on to the next one.

Jaw-dropping sales: Douyin livestreamer Zheng Xiangxiang, who has over 531 million followers on the Chinese social media platform, sold 10 million units in seven days using her ultra-fast-paced product showcase, according to 8Days.

Zheng reportedly sold over 100 million yuan ($13.7 million) in goods in just a week.

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Key details: While it is unclear what date the flurry of sales happened, she gained attention for her fast-paced tactic in her livestreams during the National Day holiday in early October, according to Sixth Tone.

Zheng primarily features cheap items during her online live-selling sessions, with prices ranging from 10.94 yuan ($10.94) for everyday items, like hangers, to 23.12 yuan ($3.18) for clothes.

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How she did it: In her livestreams, Zheng spends three seconds showcasing each product to her viewers, either by lifting them from the box or showing them near to the camera, before she slides them to her side and her assistant hands her the next item.

Going viral: Zheng’s deadpan expression combined with her fast movement and dress, similar to the one Chinese actor Gina Jin wore in the 2023 film “No More Bets,” proved entertaining for many viewers online. Some reposts of her videos have already amassed over 110,000 views.

One YouTube user commented that they could barely see the items because “it’s so fast at 2x speed.”

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Another user complained that they could not see the items clearly as Zheng only pulled the clothes halfway from the box. “Does anyone really buy these?” the user asked in their comment.

The crackdown: Following Zheng’s success, Douyin reportedly implemented a new rule that prohibits live sellers from showcasing the products they are selling with little to no product information during livestreams.

According to the company, violating the new rule, which became effective on Oct. 27, would result in a fine for the seller or closure of their account.

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