This new watch designed with French first responders quickly checks the vitals of people in distress

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French watchmaker LIP worked hand in hand with the country's National Federation of Firefighters to design a watch that will help first-aid workers in their daily tasks. Thanks to its exclusive chronograph movement, this traditional watch will allow you or professional rescue workers to quickly check a person's vitals and to see if an ambulance is needed.

Fainting fits, accidents, breathing problems ... Anyone may find themselves in a situation where they will need to call an ambulance or rescue workers, however, it may be difficult to assess the emergency of the situation. That's why LIP developed this watch, for laymen and rescue workers alike, with a double hand to measure heartbeats and breathing, allowing for a very rapid scan of vital functions.

French watchmaking engineers worked closely with the medical rescue and health department of France's firefighting service to design a practical device that could be used daily when carrying out rescue missions on a volunteer or professional basis.

"First aid represents 80% of firefighters' interventions; it was necessary to offer a simple, light and reliable tool to allow them to quickly identify if the person in distress needs full diagnosis and immediate care," explained Yohan Mousti, a volunteer first aid firefighter who worked on this project.

This watch is called "LIP Courage," in reference to the motto of French firefighters -- "Courage and devotion." It shows a cardiac scale printed on the right of the dial in red, and a respiratory scale printed on the left of the dial in blue. Its double hand chronograph movement allows it to measure both heart rate and breaths.

This French creation will go on sale November 9, for 279 euros.