Watch dealer found dead day after robbery 'should not have been left alone'

Oliver White with his partner Alana Dredge  (Supplied)
Oliver White with his partner Alana Dredge (Supplied)

The watch dealer found dead a day after being attacked by robbers “should never have been alone in the office” on the day of the raid, according to his employers.

Oliver White, 27, was placed in a chokehold by an assailant while a second man stole a number of high-value watches at jewellery firm 247 Kettles in Richmond, west London, on Saturday afternoon.

He was found dead by police the following day in Shepperton, Surrey, following concerns for his safety.

In a statement on social media, 247 Kettles said he “liked to work around the clock and even out of hours to ensure customers were satisfied.”

They added: “He should never have been alone in the office on Saturday and that amount of watches should’ve never been on display.

“We have strict security procedures in place to prevent such circumstances.

“Unfortunately in these tragic events such procedures were not followed through no fault of anyone’s. Panic buttons, alarms, smoke screens and security doors are in place.”

The firm added that the suspects in the robbery had posed as “potential clients across a three-day period waiting for a vulnerability and the correct time to strike.

“Unfortunately on Saturday the attempt succeeded in a violent robbery which Oliver was the victim of.”

In a statement, his parents spoke of their pain over the loss of a “beautiful, funny, loyal boy”.

They said: “Our son Oliver returned home from his place of work on Saturday traumatised and unable to speak.

“He had been the victim of a terrifying attack and high-value robbery at his place of work, which was later shared widely on social media.”

CCTV footage of the robbery at 247 Kettles (met police)
CCTV footage of the robbery at 247 Kettles (met police)

In CCTV, the robbers can be seen at around 2.50pm sitting at a desk opposite Mr White, who appears to be fixing a watch for them.One suddenly grabs him by both arms and violently pushes him into a corner,while the other then sweeps up large numbers of watches and puts them into a backpack.

As Mr White tried to wriggle free, his assailant held him a chokehold to stop him escaping.

The Metropolitan Police said the Flying Squad were investigating the robbery but no arrests had been made.

Detectives will be keeping an open mind as to whether the robbers, who made no attempt to conceal their identities, have already left the country.

Mr White’s death is being investigated by officers from Surrey Police and is not being treated as suspicious at this time.