Watch: Daniel Dae Kim reads thirst tweets after 'Avatar' trailer appearance


Netflix has dropped a new promo video for "Avatar: The Last Airbender" featuring Daniel Dae Kim reading thirst tweets from fans.

How they started: Kim, 55, briefly appeared shirtless in the newly released trailer of Netflix’s “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” set for release on Feb. 22. The “Hawaii Five-O” star plays Fire Lord Ozai, the ruler of the Fire Nation, in the highly anticipated live-action series.

What he said: The streaming giant released the promo a day after dropping the trailer. In it, Kim reads and comments on thirst tweets fans posted about his portrayal of Ozai.

Trending on NextShark: Watch: Daniel Dae Kim reads thirst tweets after 'Avatar' trailer appearance

“I’m [interested] in unhinging my jaw and consuming Daniel Dae Kim,” one fan writes. To this, Kim says, “Being eaten alive isn’t my idea of a great time, but thank you. I appreciate it.”

"He could literally burn me and I’d say thank you," another fan notes. Kim in response says he “would never do that.”

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Fans react to his reactions: Many fans also shared their thirst comments and jokes under Netflix's promo. One wrote, “The royal family had two secret techniques: lightning bending and a killer core routine.”

“Even the Fire Lord himself can't resist the heat of these thirst tweets,” another commented.

Another fan referenced a scZAX ene from the original Nickelodeon series in which Aang hit back at Ozai for not wearing any pants. "The screams that can be heard around the world if we get the ‘No, Fire Lord Ozai. You’re not wearing any pants,’ scene in live action is going to be crazy," they noted.

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