Watch: BTS' Jimin, Jungkook mobbed by fans at Incheon airport upon return from Japan


Dozens of fans mobbed Jimin and Jungkook at Incheon International Airport on Tuesday as the BTS duo arrived back in South Korea following their mystery trip to Japan last week.

What happened: A Tuesday livestream on Star Plus shows dozens of fans breaking through the barrier set up at the arrival gate at Incheon International Airport as soon as Jimin, whose full name is Park Ji-min, and Jungkook, full name Jeon Jung-kook, exited from the gate.

Some reports claimed one fan pushed Jungkook during the incident, which allegedly caused him to lose his balance briefly. One clip taken from another angle, however, shows that noone was near Jungkook when he tripped and that he was looking at his back before it happened.

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How people reacted: Several X users called out the fans who greeted Jimin and Jungkook at the airport, with one user even describing what happened as “abhorrent.” Another user asked fans to become “better people” for the group and everyone’s safety.

The aftermath: The Incheon airport incident drew concern from some Jungkook fans, who shared clips of the “Seven” singer departing from Japan with what looked like a stiff leg.

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Meanwhile, other fans have been raising concern about Jungkook's health over the past two weeks, as the singer previously mentioned during a pre-recording of South Korean music program "M Countdown" that his "knee hurts." A fan translation of the events at "M Countdown" led to speculation that the artist may be “training too much.”

Jungkook and BTS’ label Big Hit Music have not released any statements regarding the matter.

Their Japan trip: Although there was no official confirmation about why the two BTS members went to Japan, some reports speculate that it could be for Jungkook’s collaborative plan with Jimin to shoot a travel documentary.

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