Watch: Alec Baldwin smacks phone of protester who demanded he say ‘Free Palestine’

Alec Baldwin has been recorded on camera smacking the phone of a pro-Palestine protester who confronted him in a New York coffee shop.

The video was shared on social media by Crackhead Barney & Friends, an “anti-fascist interview show” that supports protests against Israel’s actions in Gaza.

In the clip, the actor can be seen becoming irritated after a protester accosts him over the fatal Rust set shooting and asks him to say “free Palestine” and “f--- Israel” on camera.

Baldwin, 66, refuses and asks a coffee shop employee to call the police.

He then urges the protester to leave, holding open the shop door and gesturing for them to exit.

The protester continues filming, at which point Baldwin says: “Can you do me one quick favour?”

He then smacks the phone out of the protester’s hand.

Alec Baldwin on the phone
The actor asked the coffee shop to call the police after he was accosted
Baldwin held the door open as he asked the protester to leave
Baldwin held the door open as he asked the protester to leave

The actor was repeatedly shouted at by the protester, who told him: “Alec can you please say free Palestine one time.

“Free Palestine, Alec, just one time and I’ll leave you alone. I’ll leave you alone, I swear, just say free Palestine one time.”

He was also asked: “Why did you kill that lady? You killed that lady and got no jail time,” referring to the fatal Rust set shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter after he was indicted by a grand jury. The trial is set to begin in July.

In the tweet posted alongside the video, the group Crackhead Barney & Friends call Baldwin a “white devil”.

It is not the first time Baldwin has had a run-in with pro-Palestine protesters. In December he angrily confronted a group in Manhattan, telling activists to “shut the f--- up” before being escorted from the scene by police.

During that incident, a protester recorded him on their phone being asked whether he supported Israel. He said: “Because I’m in Hollywood? You ask stupid questions. Ask me a smart question.”

The crowd of activists then mocked Baldwin over the Rust shooting as he was led away.

Baldwin has been approached for comment.