'I wasn't starved or beaten' -U.S. journalist freed by Myanmar

His release followed negotiations between former U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson and the ruling military junta.

Fenster, 37, the managing editor of independent online magazine Frontier Myanmar, said after arriving in Doha that he was not starved or beaten while in captivity.

Fenster was sentenced to 11 years in prison on Friday for incitement and violations of laws on immigration and unlawful assembly, a ruling that drew international condemnation.

He flew out of Myanmar with Richardson.

Fenster was among dozens of media workers detained in Myanmar since a Feb. 1 coup that led to an outpouring of public anger over the military's abrupt end to a decade of tentative steps towards democracy.

The military has accused many media outlets of incitement and spreading false information.

Myanmar's military-owned Myawaddy TV late on Monday announced Fenster had been granted an amnesty after his conviction, saying it was due to requests from Richardson and also two Japanese representatives "to maintain the friendship between the countries and to emphasize humanitarian grounds".

It was not immediately clear whether there were conditions attached to the release of Fenster, who was arrested while trying to leave the country in May.

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