Washington's panda cub enjoys Lunar New Year treats

The zoo said the cub enjoyed sweet potato smeared onto a red "enrichment toy" as well as a "nutrient-rich" biscuit.

Xiao Qi Ji, whose mother is Mei Xiang and father is Tian Tian, has been introduced to sweet potatoes, biscuits and bamboo over the last few weeks, the zoo said.

But his main source of food is still Mei Xiang's milk, it added, saying the fast-growing cub has a great appetite and has gained nearly two pounds (about 1 kilogram) since last week.

The plump panda cub tips the scales at just under 25 pounds (about 12 kilograms). The zoo describes him as a very active cub and says he has lately been chasing Mei Xiang during playtime in their enclosure.