Washington town holds annual outhouse races

STORY: Toilets took to the streets in this annual outhouse race

Location: Conconully, Washington

Participants built, decorated and raced in their own portable potties

The town of Conconully has been holding the historic race for more than 40 years

(Jacob Byl / Conconully Chamber of Commerce board member and outhouse racing official)

"This is our 42nd year doing outhouse races here. It's just something my grandma and a few other of chamber members (did) 42 years ago. They saw a race over in Idaho and decided that would be kind of a cool thing to do here."

Each outhouse must be attached to skis and have a toilet seat and a roll of toilet paper

There's a sitter on the seat and two pushers who help propel the outhouse down the track

(Jim Walsborn, Competitor)

"Well, you have to build your house with wood, (have it have) certain dimensions. You have to have a toilet, you have to have a helmet, you have to have a toilet, you have to have up on skis because there's been some people come through that have made it out of PVC pipe and all sorts of different materials that have been no go. But it's a good time. It's good redneck fun."

"I love it because, you know, it's a long weekend that we love to get together and bring the family together and just honestly, just have fun, good, honest, fun and compete with everybody. And it's I don't know; I feel like the camaraderie between all the community is the best part of it."