Washington Post Taps Krissah Thompson to Build ‘Third Newsroom’ Digital Initiative

The Washington Post has tapped Krissah Thompson to build out the elusive “third newsroom,” newly minted executive editor Matt Murray announced in a memo to staff on Monday.

The newspaper’s “third newsroom” restructuring was set forth by CEO and publisher Will Lewis in June, who outlined the initiative as a combination of service and social media journalism to capture nontraditional media consumers.

“With a task force she is currently forming and expects to have in place this week, and input from across the newsroom colleagues from the commercial side, she will helm our effort to set up the structure and plans for this next era of growth for The Post,” Murray said of Thompson in the memo titled, “Building the Future.”

Thompson, a two-decade-plus veteran of the newspaper, will be stepping back from her normal daily duties temporarily, in order to helm the initiative.

“The main focus of the project is properly structuring ourselves for a rapidly and regularly changing news ecosystem,” Murray continued. “We aim to concentrate some of our journalistic resources…toward developing new products and formats…that will bring our journalism to different audiences, especially off-platform users who consume Washington Post journalism but are less likely to subscribe for our traditional offerings.”

Murray praised Thomson as “uniquely qualified to shepherd us.”

“A consistent theme in her career has been embracing innovation and seeking new ways to connect with readers that bring others along,” The Post’s executive editor added.

Thompson currently serves as a managing editor of The Post, and was the first Black woman to serve in the role. She has been with the newspaper since 2001 and has overseen features and climate coverage, as well as audio and podcast initiatives.

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