Washington defense pulls off perfect interception against Tom Brady

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In football, an interception is a combination of skill and timing. You have to be in the exact right place at the exact right time to make it work. Some interceptions are wild, some are messy, some are easy, some are hard. This one from the Washington Football Team is perfection. 

Washington was playing Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. About five minutes into the first quarter, Brady reared back and threw to wide receiver Jaelon Darden. Darden caught the ball, but he didn't hold onto it for long. Safety Kamren Curl almost immediately tackled Darden, and the ball shot straight up into the air. 

Cornerback William Jackson III was in the perfect place at the perfect time. He lunged forward to catch the ball before it hit the ground, taking a flying leap over one of his teammates and tumbling to the turf. 

That play went down as a Brady interception, and it was just the first of two that he'd throw in the first quarter on Sunday. The second one was picked on an exceptionally bad Brady throw.

Brady hadn't thrown a single first quarter interception this season coming into Week 10. But him throwing two interceptions in the first quarter is pretty much unheard of. Brady hasn't done that in nearly a decade. 

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